Current Officers

Worshipful Master
W. Bro. Mike Bain
Thank you to the Brethren of Dogwood Lodge and the Past Masters that have done such a great job before me in making Dogwood Lodge what it is today. We have and excellent slate of officers and from our first board of general purpose meeting have what appears to be an excellent year shaping up with some fun socials. I look forward to my two year term and your continued support while we continue on from where our Immediate Past Master W. Bro. Lewis left off!


W. Bro. Steve McRitchie

Bro. Rob Hatchwell
Senior Warden

W. Bro. Regan Lewis
Junior Warden

R.W. Bro. Don Wrightman
Dir. of Ceremonies

W. Bro. Geof Langford
W. Bro. Kevin Patterson
W. Bro. Kevin Patterson

  Bro. Sachin Bamrha
Senior Deacon

  Bro.John Roberts
Junior Deacon

W. Bro. Ed Mills

Bro. Rodney Mondala
Inner Guard

Bro. TBA
Senior Steward

W. Bro. TBA
Junior Steward

R.W. Bro. Bob Park
Dir. of Masonic Education

V.W. Bro. Steven Amdsten