Washing the Cancer cars

The weekend of Nov 24 saw the members of Dogwood Lodge out in Vancouver, taking their turn to wash the Cancer Cars. If you don’t know about this program, click here to learn more.

It’s a great program and it takes so little to help out. W. Bro.Len Fraser, W. Bro. Steven Andsten and Bro. Rob Hatchwell and Susan D’Agostino got together on Sunday morning and headed out to Vancouver. It was a lot of fun and a chance for us to get together outside of lodge. We started around 10am and were finished shortly after 1pm. After that we headed to a pub just a few short blocks away to have some lunch and refreshments.



Bro. Rob Hatchwell, Susan D’Agostino & W. Bro. Len Fraser


Bro. Rob Hatchwell, W. Bro. Steven Andsten & W. Bro. Len Fraser