The Challenge

keg dinner

The Masonic guantlet has been thrown down by our IPM W. Bro. Andsten. The challenge is to attend the most number of different lodges in the jurisdiction of British Columbia before Grand Lodge in 2015. The brother who gets the most number of visits recorded in the Masonic Passport supplied by W. Bro. Andsten will get to join him at the Keg Steakhouse (W. Bro. Andsten’s treat). So let’s get out and visit (and record that visit). One lucky brother will have a great dinner for sure!

1. You Must have a Masonic Passport
2. Only dates from Sept 2014 forward count
3. You must present your passort to W. Bro. Andsten at the Dogwood Lodge meeting in Sept 2015
4. No duplicates (it’s great that you visit a lodge on multiple occassions, but for the purpose of this challenge, it only counts once)
5. If selected as the winner, bring an appetite because you’ll need it
6. Have fun visiting. You’ll never have a bad time at lodge!