Big Changes for Dogwood Lodge

ImageDuring the regular communications in May of 2007, the brethren of Dogwood Lodge, following several motions presented by Bro. Patterson voted to change Dogwood Lodge to a Daylight Lodge. The brethren saw a need for a Daylight Lodge, as many brethren in the district are unable to attend evening meetings.

In addition to this change, Dogwood Lodge will relocate to the Eureka Temple Society building at 20701 Fraser Hwy in downtown Langley and will now meet on the 3rd Saturday morning of every other month being September, November, January, March and May (excluding the months of July and August when the lodge is in darkness). It’s an exciting time in Dogwood Lodge, with the brethren very excited about these changes. There is a resurgence of energy in the Lodge. The newly installed Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Len Fraser has jumped in with both feet, scheduling several practices and meeting over the summer months in preparation for his first meeting September 17, 2007.

Dogwood Lodge is not the first lodge in this jurisdiction to recognize the value of a Daylight Lodge. Meridian Lodge No. 108 meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

The practice of a lodge meeting during the daytime hours is not as unique as it may seem for Masonic historians suggest that operative lodges were generally held Saturday’s during daylight hours when wages were paid, the apprentices examined and general matters discussed, after which they no doubt repaired to a festive board for the day’s repast.

It is also logical to assume that our more ancient brethren would have met during the daylight, for otherwise they like the medieval cathedral builders would have faced the immediate problem of light by which to work. But with the ascendancy of Speculative Masonry in the 17th and 18th Centuries, improved lighting techniques and more permanent meeting places, the evening hours became the accepted and usual meeting time. (passage from

The first meeting is expected to be a very busy one and W. Bro. Fraser invites all those brethren interested in a Daylight Lodge to come out and see what Dogwood Lodge is all about.